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Everything's Fresh Here at Crowes

Sourdough Bread
Cups of Coffee

Fresh food is our passion... we pride ourselves on offering customers the very best in locally sourced fresh produce which is delivered to us on a daily basis. We work very hard to source incredibly fresh fruit and vegetables from farmers and food producers in our local areas. We believe fresh is always best!

In the Crowe's Bakery, our bakers begin working in the early hours of every morning mixing flour and dough to make sure you have the freshest bread available to you each morning. They also make all the fresh cakes, buns, donuts, tarts, and all the other delights you see in store each day.

Baking Butter Cookies


This is the heart of our business. We love sourcing, producing and creating great food every day for our customers. We carefully hand pick all of the produce and ingredients that we use and sell every day.  

Our fresh food teams strive to create tasty and convenient food. We work hard to ensure our food is always easy to take or easy to make. We work to be industry leaders in baked and confectionery breads, homemade salads, gourmet sandwiches, freshly made hot food and much more.

The key to our fresh food departments is our quality and variety. We understand our customers tastes and interests change so we created a working ethos – So many foods for so many mood

Jump Start Your Day with a Cold Brew of Tailor & Blue